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Available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate your designed or prototype standoffs, Quick Machine works with industrial companies across the world to provide the best screw machine products obtainable. Using our various machining capabilities such as CNC machining, CNC turning, and screw machining, we manufacture quality standoffs and aluminum spacers for your products specific requirements.
Industries Serviced
Using our advanced one stop jobshop, we fabricate standoffs in a variety of materials and custom designs. A standoff must be made out of the highest quality materials to prevent problems in your mechanical or electronic products and devices.  Standoffs and spacers can be custom designed to separate the parts of your project as specified. Therefore, we only utilize superior materials and equipment to manufacture your essential products. We have a versatile materials selection accessible for your standoffs requirements.
Standoff Materials
 Stainless Steel
 Tool Steel
Quick Machine fabricates custom standoff designs used in electronics to keep internal components separated, therefore preventing electric shortages, friction, or vibration. Our qualified CNC machinists have manufactured a variety of standoffs for a wide range of industrial companies. Our standoffs are successfully machined for the electronics and military industries which require durability, accuracy and tight tolerances. Because numerous companies come to us with custom specifications, we are capable of providing you with a standoff that is both intricate and cost-effective. With quality machining, Quick Machine delivers results.
Machining Methods Employed
 Precision CNC Machining
 CNC Turning
 CNC Milling
 Screw Machining
 Custom Machining