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Quick Machine has been a leader in the precision CNC machining market for a number of years. Our employees have vast experience in the Quick machining and precision machining industries, making them experts in the custom CNC machining field.
Throughout this time, we’ve encountered numerous machining challenges including complex machined medical & dental parts and defense industry components. We provide individual attention to each custom machining and prototype machining project, knowing that every job is unique and requires a different approach.
Custom Products Made
 Machined Shafts
 Dowel Pins
We offer custom machining services above and beyond our CNC turning and milling and precision CNC machining. Quick Machine is certified to meet the various product and industry specifications. We are ready to explore new and challenging prototype machining projects and other custom machining services. When you have a custom project that needs to be completed on time, on budget and with the exact specifications and tolerances that you desire, Quick Machine is your best choice in the CNC Machining industry.
Industries Serviced
Our advanced jobshop accommodates a variety of custom machining projects for various projects including machined shafts, standoffs and machined plastic parts. We utilize only the most technologically advanced equipment. Our state of the art machines can hold tolerances of +/-.0001 and diameters up to 1 ½ inches.
Advanced Custom Machines
 Multi Axis Swiss CNC Lathes
 CNC Turning Centers
 Citizen L20 Manufactured by Mitsubishi Marubeni Citizen Cincom
 CNC Swiss Type Screw Machines
Quick Machine is able to manufacture your component in short or long run volumes.  Our custom machining services are monitored closely by our quality department throughout every step of the CNC Machining, micromachining, turning or milling process.
Quick Machine provides value-added consulting services for our custom machining projects including custom machined dental parts and custom medical components. Our highly trained machinists always consult with our clients to determine the appropriate materials, processes and run volume for maximum productivity and efficiency. Our goal is to provide custom machining services that are as competent and proficient as our traditional machining methods.