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Brass & Copper Machining
At Quick Machine, we employ Swiss screw machining and precision CNC machining to fabricate screw machined products made from brass and copper. Copper and brass are strong materials used for high quality, inflexible products.
Brass and Copper Advantages
 Clean Smooth Finish
 High Density
 Tight Tolerance
 Highly Repeatable
 Non-sparking properties
 Corrosion Resistant
 Electrical Conductivity
Brass and copper machining is cost effective because the screw machined products can be fabricated in large, accurate projects.
Industries Served
Quick Machine has been manufacturing screw machined products out of copper and brass for a number of years. We produce a wide range of precision parts through a variety of machining techniques.
Machining Variations
 Precision CNC Machining
 Swiss Screw Machining
 Custom Machining
We are confident that our extensive brass and copper machining experience makes us the right CNC precision machining jobshop for your next project. At Quick Machine, we have experience fabricating custom parts.
Machined Parts
 Dowel Pins